HLTC COVID-19 Return to restricted play

On Monday 11th May 2020 the Government announced adjustments to lockdown restrictions for outdoor activity, including tennis. The guidance below follows LTA recommendations for the resumption of outdoor tennis and coaching.

HLTC courts will now be open for use to help ensure people remain active. Measures to limit ‘hand to shared surface contact’ and minimise unnecessary interactions with others are in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Coaching sessions will be adapted to accommodate the advice on social distancing.

Tennis activity

The focus at this stage is on recreational play. 

  • Singles play only is allowed, unless every player on court is from the same household.
  • Please book courts in advance by phoning Liz Towersey on 342 7841 between 12-1pm.
  • The booked session is for 50 minutes. Please arrive and leave promptly.
  • Players should bring their own equipment and water bottles.
  • Tennis balls can be a source of virus transmission. To avoid contamination, players should use and touch only their own clearly marked tennis balls. As an additional safeguard, players may choose to wear disposable gloves.
  • Nets will be maintained at the appropriate height to avoid players having to use net winders to adjust them.
  • Players should bring wipes to sanitise the courtside counters if these are used.
  • No spectators; no queueing.
  • For further information please see LTA Player Guidance lta-guidance-for-tennis-players—covid-19.pdf


  • The clubhouse will remain closed; there is therefore no access to toilet or handwashing facilities.
  • First aid equipment may be accessed at the player’s own risk in an emergency.
  • The front gate should be left open during playing hours.
  • The gates between courts should be left open if it is safe to do so.

Health and hygiene

  • All players should familiarise themselves with Government guidelines on handwashing, social distancing and the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ advice on preventing droplet infection.
  • Players should wash their hands for 20 seconds before and after playing tennis, or use hand sanitiser.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Players should maintain a 2 metre distance between themselves and others.

Anyone who has been advised to self-isolate or stay at home based on the advice of the NHS.UK website should clearly not take part in tennis activities.

Please note that, while all efforts are made to ensure that the environment is safe and clean with regard to COVID-19, anyone using the courts at HLTC does so at their own risk.

These guidelines may change at short notice if tighter restrictions are reintroduced, or when restrictions are further relaxed.

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