Court Booking


We are now entering our second week of playing tennis again and it is good to know that many members are taking advantage of the glorious weather and using our excellent facilities.

We have a booking system in place which is necessary in the current circumstances. The LTA / Government restriction to playing singles means that our capacity is halved. During the day, many adult members and all juniors are able to play when under normal circumstances they could not. It also helps to prevent members of the general public using the courts.


Please do not just turn up and expect to play. A court may well appear vacant but could be booked for the next hourly session. The people with the reservation may not feel empowered to ask you to move court. If they then start to play on an apparantly vacant court, they risk compounding the problem.

The booking hot line is open every day between noon and 1pm on 342 7841. To be fair to all members, please use it!

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