Cheshire County LTA AGM 5th March

LTA British Tennis - Cheshire

 From Lynne Whitford, County Administrator: The 124th  Annual General Meeting of Cheshire County LTA will be held at Hoole LTC, School Lane, Mickle Trafford CH2 4EF on Thursday 5th March 2020 at 7pm.

There are some amendments to the County rules. These are primarily minor adjustments to update the rules to bring them into line with what has become current practice. The revised rules are presented for agreement, together with a more detailed explanation of the reason for the changes.

To encourage attendance, Members will be able to attend this meeting remotely. Details of how to do this will be circulated nearer to the meeting date.

The AGM is expected to last no longer than an hour and you are invited to have a drink and a less formal chat after the meeting.


  1. Welcome & Thanks
  2. Obituaries
  3. County Report
    Information on Cheshire Tennis
    Club Liaison (including Advantage Cheshire)
    Competitions & Tournaments
    Junior Development
    LTA Developments
    County Plan for 2020
  4. Cheshire County LTA Rule Amendments
  5. Executive Committee Appointments
  6. Any Other Business
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