Membership Fees 2020-2021

You will be aware that all tennis activity has had to stop for the time being and the Club is closed.

As a consequence of this interruption to normal activities, the Committee has agreed to halve the membership fees for this year.

Please follow the instructions on your Payment Slip, paying 50% of the requested amount. Payment is still due by 30th April; thereafter a late payment fee (50% of the stated amount) will apply.

Thank you to those members who have already paid the full fee. You will be entitled to the reduction too. If you paid through the BACS system, we will contact you to arrange the credit.

If you have paid by cheque, please note that we have not presented the cheque to the bank and nor will we. You should now either pay the reduced amount by BACS as outlined on the Payment Slip or send a further cheque for the reduced amount.

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