Wirral Mixed League – Success for Hoylake IV


Team captain, Fiona Lalloo, has posted the following…..

Fourth team top the league table and move back up to the fourth division next season!

There was a nail-biting finish for our fourth team in the Wirral summer mixed league this year as Upton were ahead of us until the very last two matches. The winners of the league were determined by the very last match – Hoylake v Upton. Upton took the advantage of being at home and we played on grass. Needing to win a minimum of 18 points to put Upton into the runners-up position, we achieved 40!

The team spirit and flexibility shown by all those who played throughout the season was amazing. Alan T ( one of the veteran players to step up ) kindly gave up a Pilates class to play with Terry (14). There was also some enthusiastic “high 5” teaching on the courts by the youngest players to the slightly more seasoned ones bringing smiles to everyone’s face.

The youngsters were all a credit to those who coach them and their parents.


Alan L, Alan T, Andy B, Chris D, Dan, David C, Frank, Harry, Jay, Luca, Luke, Mark D, Phil, Sam, Simon, Spiros, Steve R, Terry
Angie H, Ann EC, Cath, Fiona L, Helen R, Julie H, Kate, Liz T, Liz W , Lynda, Moya, Pam K, Rachel, Sally L, Sarah, Steph and Viv.

Great result ! Great team !

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